Stillmotion’s MUSE — a priceless investment on storytelling

Film Schools attract thousands of applicants every year. Most of them turn out technically competent filmmakers (hopefully). But very few become strong storytellers.

At no other time in the history of cinema has it been so easy to produce short films and videos—whether you’re using a DSLR or an iPhone—nor has it been so easy to distribute short films on the internet. But despite the millions of YouTube videos, ubiquitous reality television, and broadcast commercials very little of it is any good. There’s a reason for that. There’s a lack of good storytelling—stories that connect with the heart.

Stillmotion has come up with a solution to this problem. With their course, MUSE, Stillmotion takes the film school model and turns it on its head—starting with story first. Without a strong story you can have the best camera in the world and it won’t make a story that moves an audience for you. Instead, the equipment the team at Stillmotion has put together will allow you to discover story through a logical process—placing emotional connection at the center of their model. Without that emotional center, stories fall flat.

Stillmotion’s MUSE review from Kurt Lancaster on Vimeo.

Film students will spend tens of thousands of dollars on an education and very few of them learn the heart of storytelling. With Stillmotion’s MUSE course you get it for $497—an investment that’s worth far more than a year’s worth of tuition at NYU or USC. With MUSE you get the tools that unlock the process to powerful storytelling.

This course is indispensible for film students just learning their craft as well as for seasoned professionals who are looking for new ways to tap into their creativity. It’s for those who want to tell stories that mean something to themselves and to their audience. Their system works for any type of film project, from fiction projects to weddings, as well as client-based work for businesses and nonprofits.

Those who complete this course and practice it are given the tools most film schools miss—how to find and develop a story that expresses heart.

Stillmotion engages in a fresh approach to storytelling. They’re not film school insiders. The founders of Stillmotion received degrees in psychology and have applied what it means to discover and develop characters who embody a story that moves an audience. They speak from experience.

This course isn’t for those looking for a quick fix nor is it a formula that guarantees success by light-heartedly going through the online course. It will take work. But for those who stick with it and develop their process in their own work, you will receive what Stillmotion has honed over ten years of experimentation and discovery, a process that has earned them awards.

This course will change your entire approach to video and film storytelling.  Film schools and video production houses should adopt Stillmotion’s MUSE and start telling heartfelt stories.

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