Interview with Ikonoskop — shooting 16mm RAW with the A-Cam dII in Stockholm

Kurt Lancaster is working on a new book for Focal Press dealing with the new 16mm RAW cinema cameras coming out.

Cinema RAW is the holy grail of low-budget filmmakers. With the popular release of Black Magic Design’s Cinema Camera, along with Philip Bloom’s review of it rising to the all-time number one post of his blogging career, it is easy to forget that the Swedish company, Ikonoskop got there first. Indeed, Joe Rosenstein of Digital Bolex, was inspired by the Ikonoskop due it’s use of a Kodak CCD. And don’t forget, Philip Bloom at NAB 2012, tweeted “My favourite image from a camera at the show? Probably the Ikonoskop (@ikonoskop). Lovely! [H]ope to shoot with it soon!”

Due to its sleek Swedish design, along with an engine that puts out cinematic-looking shots, The A-Cam dII, simply cannot be ignored. At this date, it’s one of the best designed “video” cameras on the market.

DSLRs are great cameras for their price point and can put out cinematic quality images if you get the look you want in-camera — there’s very little latitude for error, due to it’s heavy processing as images get compressed to 8-bit in the H.264 format.

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Kurt Lancaster, PhD, is the author of DSLR Cinema: Crafting the Film Look with Large Sensor Video, 2nd edition, Focal Press, 2013 and Video Journalism for the Web: A Practical Introduction to Documentary Storytelling, Routledge, 2013. He teaches digital filmmaking and multimedia journalism at Northern Arizona University’s School of Communication.


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