Final Cut Pro X a dream for DSLR filmmakers

I was at the April 12, 2011 FCPUG meeting in Las Vegas and from what I saw, I couldn’t wait to get Final Cut Pro X. And yesterday morning when I saw a Tweet that Apple had released it on its App store, I purchased it right away, testing it out with Canon 5D Mark II footage shot at 1920×1080 24P on my way to Hawaii.


Before proceeding, I highly recommend reading “Final Cut Pro X – A first Look” by Steve Martin, where you can see plenty of screenshots. He provides a quick overview of the big picture of the software with a lot of screenshots — most importantly covering some of the major differences to Final Cut 7.


Final Cut X for artists not engineers (some initial thoughts)

The difference between the new software and the old was the lack of an intuitive interface — a design more for engineers than artists. Remember, for those out there screaming that Apple has betrayed them (see USA Today’s “New Final Cut Pro editing software draws mixed reviews”), the original version of Final Cut was a refit of Macromedia’s editing software. Apple — so long known for its intuitive design in their other software (and hardware) — lacked that strong feature in its own pro editing software, until now. By starting over from scratch, they’re going to make many people upset, because everything has to be built back up from an entirely new design.


See Focal Press’s Mastering Film site for the full article:


One thought on “Final Cut Pro X a dream for DSLR filmmakers

  1. final cut pro x is not a dream come true for Hdslr shooters. I can tell u first hand it is pretty much unusable and I really wanted to like it. Even went so far as to cut a current project on it. Then realized I can’t import image sequences or edit left and right audio channel separately. Not to mention how clumbsy the sequence saving is. I like to keep lots of back ups of my sequences as I edit and this just fills up the project window and is pretty much unmanageble and makes u not want to save alternate sequences which is terrible for creativity since it makes me more reluctant to make risky edits and huge changes to the sequence.
    Then after realizing fcp x isn’t usable for me right now, I couldn’t ge an edl out of fcp x so all I could do was export my whole sequence as a single track of video import it into avid and re add all my cuts.
    Also, “rendering in the background” brought my brand new imac to a halt. Not while editing but while outside of fcpx in a web browser. It maxed out all my processors leaving nothing for web browsing.
    I’m telling u I really dove in head first and tried to embrace fcp x and got bit in the ass for it.

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