Creating a Redrock Micro DSLR hand held rig for under $450

updated: 27 July 2010, Flagstaff, AZ

If you’re like most independent filmmakers, you’ve purchased gear for HD video cameras. Now that the HDSLR cinema revolution has hit the market, for many of us we’re being encouraged to purchase new equipment for HDSLRs. I’ve purchased plenty of new gear, but I’ve hesitated on getting a handheld/shoulder mount adapter put out by such companies as Redrock Micro and Zacuto to name just two.

I purchased Redrock Micro’s microShouldermount, which now lists at $568, some time before I got my Canon 5D Mark II. I let it sit in my closet for months, trying to figure out how to configure it for the Canon HDSLR. I even purchased Redrock’s microMount for $229.

Redrock’s microShoulderMount listing at $568.

Then I figure out how to remove the rod clamp from the shoulder pad of the microShouldmount.

Pics of my reconfigured Redrock’s microShouldermount, so it becomes a DSLR mean machine. The 4-inch rod includes the right handle for gripping (it could go on either the left or right), but I wanted to keep my left hand free for focusing.

The second handle is attached pointed down to the back of the main rod, providing body brace support.

The 8-inch rod is attached to the left, where I can either attach a microphone, audio recorder, or field monitor to the microMount.

I removed the Rod Clam from the Shoulder Mount Pad.

I used a 3/8″ tripod screw to use as the thread mount for the tripod, putting it through the center hole. But once it’s detached, it becomes a great clamp to the single rod, and allows you to attach your DSLR to it.

The final rig, in use, looks like this:

Note how the 8-inch crossbar becomes a brace for the rig, providing an additional point of contact for support.

The list of Redrock Micro parts

If you want to build this kit using parts, here’s the list and cost:

TOTAL: ~$440

Compare this to Redrock’s DSLR handheld rig with a body brace, theEvent which costs $849.50, and you’re getting a similar device for nearly half the price!

Redrock’s theEvent DSLR hand held rig with a body brace costs close to $850.

The similar setup for Zacuto is there Striker model, listing at nearly $1000.

My rig described above with the listed parts offers a similar functionality for about $440.

Kurt Lancaster, PhD, is the author of “DSLR Cinema: Crafting the Film Look with Video, Focal Press, 2011.” He teaches digital filmmaking at Northern Arizona University’s School of Communication.

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