Contracts and forms

I want to thank Andrew Hutcheson of Zandrak for providing these contracts and production quote form as models for the readers of Production House Cinema: Starting and Running Your Own Cinematic Storytelling Business (Focal Press, 2016). Stillmotion provided a call sheet, which is useful for scheduling each day’s shoot with the crew and talent. Modify them as needed. It is your responsibility to hire a lawyer to make sure the contracts meet your needs. The author of this book makes no legal claim or recommendations about any of these contracts. They’re provided soley for educational purposes.

Appendix I

  1. Location Release Form
  2. Production Agreement
  3. Independent Contractor Agreement
  4. Performer Agreement
  5. Standard Release Form
  6. Production Quote Form
  7. Film Project Budget
  8. Call Sheet template
  9. Personal and Business Budget Expense Worksheet
  10. Storyboard_sheet
  11. CreativeBrief (from Stillmotion)–use as a model to adapt and create your own



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